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Gary Johnston - Idaho
Rick knows more about probate deals than anyone I know. If you want to learn how to create great probate deals, Rick is the only source.
Ellis San Jose – Thousand Oaks, CA
When I started mentoring by Rick I was shocked how quickly I received immediate dividends, using one of his techniques I just closed on a property with $30k net instant equity.
Gordon Moss – Solana Beach, CA
Rick Harmon is among the most creative and insightful investors on the planet – He has given me ideas that have contributed to me building a fortune in my own business.
Tom Conway – Palm Springs, CA
In my 45 years buying and selling real estate I have heard and met most of the probate guru’s. Rick Harmon is the real deal and I have yet to stump him with some convoluted or complex deal. He reminds me of a genius kid happily taking apart a watch and putting it back together.
Reggie Lal - California
Rick is the go “to guy” in the Probate Real Estate Investing arena, he knows more about probate than anyone I have ever personally met. If it’s a complicated deal, Rick is the Man for it.
Scott Williams –Huntington Beach, CA
Rick has a gift for out of the box solutions to seemingly complex situations. His gift for out-of-the-box solutions to seemingly complex situations, has made (and saved!) me thousands. Rick’s ideas have shown me not only how to make a profit today, but also how to set myself up for possible opportunity down the road. The “deal within the deal”.
Rick Powers – Redondo Beach, CA
If I come across a deal with probate or chain of title complexities, it’s likely Rick Harmon already has the solution(s).Once I found a probate deal, but couldn’t figure out how to solve it. So I called Rick and we “partnered” on it, meaning he figured the whole thing out and made us both money.
Allen Wong – Monterey Park, CA
Rick has been a fountain of knowledge that has helped me in navigating countless deals.
Dawn Rickabaugh, Note Queen
I consider Rick to be a wonderfully rich resource when it comes to evaluating real estate and note transactions… especially the messy, complicated ones. When I’m not sure what to do with something, I just call him and turn the deal over to him so he can make sense of it, and make us both some money. On top of that, he’s always so very generous about helping me understand the thinking behind his deal structure. He’s a natural mentor and I feel privileged to call him a friend and associate.
Randy Crockett – Corona, CA
Rick and I have done business together since the late ’80’s. I continue to do business with Rick because I have made money on every deal that we have done together.
Jeff Kemmer – Fresno, CA
I’ve worked with Rick Harmon on three probate deals that I found. He guided me through each step of the process and had me doing “probate” before I knew it! His knowledge is absolutely tops and he thinks like a real estate investor because he is one. He practices what he preaches. His techniques and guidance have made us a significant profit!! I would highly recommend Rick Harmon and his probate information. This guy’s the real deal!
Joe Perez – Chino Hills. CA
Rick thank you for helping me conceptualize and implement my deal. I knew I had something good but without you showing me how to put it together I would have never pulled it off.
Ron Meyer – Simi Valley, CA
Rick has been offering valuable real estate and probate advice for years. He provided me answers to confusing, unsolvable situations which netted me deals I likely would have walked away from. Rick’s advice has been gold! Thanks Rick, for your vast knowledge in the probate arena and thanks for your willingness to help. You are an asset to the real estate community.
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